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WINNER: GOLD MEDAL, Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, YA Fiction/Religion category! WINNER: SILVER MEDAL, Illumination Book Awards Juvenile/YA Fiction category!
WINNER: HONORABLE MENTION, Hollywood Book Festival. An "Oh-wow!" fantasy for readers 10 and up!
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About the story

Jeremy Lapoint's life is the pits--Dad's in prison and Mom is barely scraping by. But everything changes when he discovers he can fly, go invisible, and pass through walls. He meets his guardian angel who tells him he's a Nephilim--a human-angel hybrid. He's not alone, either. He enrolls in a school for teens like him. Halfback-sized Director Louisa Prouse lectures them (loudly) that they have superhuman powers because they've reached humanity's next level. When Jeremy counters that they're half angel, he finds himself in an all-out battle against Prouse and the evil forces behind her who don't want the world to believe in angels.

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We're pleased to announce that the electronic and print versions of CHILDREN OF ANGELS are now being published by Redemption Press! Get a copy for you and the readers in your life.

Kathryn's Blogs - True Imagination

True Imagination Why that title? Because my stories - fantasy or real-life fiction - contain a rich core of truth overlaid with fun and action. Click on my photo or follow the sentence link to see what I'm talking about. Meanwhile, my bio: I'm Kathryn Dahlstrom and I've been writing books for 23 years. In addition to award-winning CHILDREN OF ANGELS, I've written a six-book kid's fiction series called the Good News Club, published by CEF Press. I'm also a screenwriter with two screenplays optioned by film companies, one of them making the quarter-finals of the American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest. I live in rural Minnesota with my husband and senior mom. Our adult daughter lives in St. Paul.


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...click on the book cover on this page or go to the Internet Links page then click on the online bookseller of your choice. Thanks so much! Kids, teens, fantasy fans of all ages and anyone who enjoys a great story, may you love the read!

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